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GMD: Boycotting a Business


If you’re significant other has an issue with a service of some sort and never wants to give them her business again, you shouldn’t either right? Well, that’s what Emma thinks. A dry cleaner ruined a really expensive dress of hers and she doesn’t want her, or her husband to give him their business. But Noah likes this dry cleaner because they’ve known him for ever and he’s convenient.

Slacker has been through something similar. Both Slacker and Steve think if the dry cleaner ruined it, he should pay for it. There’s no sign saying the dry cleaners are responsible for damaged or lost clothes.  Slacker thinks that Noah has to have his wife’s back and defend her honor.

Steve said the Emma’s pain is inconvenient for Noah.  He said that when he brings his clothes to a dry cleaner, he inspects the clothes before he leaves so that he’s satisfied. Steve said that Noah should be able to tell his wife she’s wrong for wanting to leave the dry cleaner. He made a mistake now move on.

Whose side are you on?

I am 100 percent on Emma’s side. Her dress is expensive, she only wore it once, and if they ruined it, they need to pay for it. That is ridiculous if he doesn’t. She’s not going to go buy a new one, and didn’t even apologize! I would be outraged.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr.com)

01/16/2014 4:27PM
GMD: Boycotting a Business
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