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GMD: Vegan Wedding


People always complain when someone tries to push their beliefs, opinions or life choices on them… Elizabeth, the bride to be, is a vegan and wants to serve only vegan food at their wedding. Tristan is cool dealing with it when it’s just him, but doesn’t think that all of their guests should have to force down food they don’t want to eat.

Slacker wants to know if she can be around meat or does it gross her out? Slacker figures the elderly at the wedding are going to hate Elizabeth. It is the bride's wedding day and not anybody else's. If Slacker had a bunch of pot smoker's for friends does he have to supply weed.

Elizabeth says they're also gonna have a huge open bar...The guys agree they're gonna need it.

Steve..."Eating meat is an instinct and not eating meat is a choice!" He wantas to know if they care if theer guests are comfortable? Steve swears he would know if someone used a non-meat substitute...Steve claims that people want to check the box either chicken, beef or fish when tyhey go to a wedding.

Slacker has had some vegan food that Steve wouldn't know didn't have any meat in it. Steve would like to contest it, but Slacker knows him too well.  

Whose side are you on?

I say screw the guests, feed them some finger food and don't go out of your way to specialize the meals for anyone...Just make sure that the two of you eat because you will need all the energy you have to be able to survive the event that you have so hard to be successful. It's your day, do what you want. Don't worry about the rest of the people. Besides, Did I hear "Open Bar"?

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern
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11/15/2012 4:39PM
GMD: Vegan Wedding
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