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One says playing with violent toys as a child leads to violent adults…the other says that’s outrageous! We’re going to put the argument to bed once and for all…do violent toys lead to violent adults?
Slacker and Steve understand both sides of this argument… Steve’s sister actually banned all guns when his nephew was growing up; he’s soon going off to college.  Slacker’s son makes shooting noises… boys will be boys.  This argument gets a little sticky since he already has the water gun, but the concern of what happens when he is invited to a birthday party with them present; will he not attend?
Whose side are you on for today’s Great Mate Debate?
I grew up in a family that hunted… When my little brother was about three we went for a drive in the mountains to scope out some deer.  My dad saw one and told my little brother to shoot it… He pulled out his pop gun and was very upset that he missed…  I understand where she is coming from, but I believe that if they embrace it and teach him the safety it will be much more valuable. 
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07/11/2013 4:28PM
GMD: Super Soaker
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07/11/2013 5:33PM
Definitley HIS SIDE
Yi, My name is Dobie, I can't believe what I am hearing today on the GMD... The idea that letting a 6 year old boy play with a WATER GUN will turn him into a criminal???!! First thing that is one of the most absurd things I have heard in a while and trying to base this on the idea that we live in violent times?? If you want to make sure that he doesn't grow up to be a criminal then it is your job as a parent to make sure he is taught right from wrong!! I am a psychology major and specialize in the study of criminal behavior. Criminal behavior and aggression can totally be influenced by our society but, you also have to realize that if you raise your child correctly then they will know the difference between right and wrong. You mentioned that playing violent video games can turn children into criminals? This is completely false and proven studies show that children have shown no increase in their aggressive behavior and lack of empathy towards people (or victims) because they play violent video games or play with toy guns... You need to realize that the media doesn't directly influence your child's behavior and you must as a parent teach them the differences between play and real. Let your child experience the many different things that are apart of childhood. On the other hand, I understand that your husband went against your wishes and that was wrong on his part. I understand that you have issues related to firearms, but he is not playing with a firearm he is playing with a plastic toy that sprays water like that of a water hose. You need to explain to your son the differences and you as a parent alongside your husband should be able to figure out a positive way of speaking and teaching your child the differences in "real" guns and "toy" guns.
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