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GMD: Spring Break

Hunter and Valarie are in college and dating.  Valerie has had a trip planned to Mexico for spring break for a while now.  Hunter says that it’s not safe there and is worried that something bad might happen.  He really doesn’t want her to go and has even said that he will help pay for her trip if she goes somewhere else.  Valarie says that Hunter is being controlling.
Slacker and Steve think that Hunter is suffering from low self-esteem, it’s understandable, but if Valarie isn’t willing to give up the trip for Hunter; Slacker and Steven aren’t sure if they are “old” enough to be in a relationship like this.
What do you think? Whose side are you on?
I think Valarie will regret not going more than going.  Hunter should just do a boys trip to Vegas or something.  It’s their senior year of college; they should be doing something fun for spring break with their friends. They will have plenty of time for “couples” vacations after college.
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03/07/2013 4:37PM
GMD: Spring Break
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03/07/2013 6:05PM
On Hunter's side
I am on Hunter's side because Mexico IS a dangerous place to be. If Valarie thinks just because she will be in a vacation resort area she will be safe, she is seeing Mexico through rose colored glasses. Has she not read the paper or watched the news over the past couple days regarding the Colorado couple with two children were taking an extended vacation in a GATED COMMUNITY just above Puerto Vallarta, whose 2 yr old child was murdered? It is only one of many examples why Mexico is NOT a safe place of late. The fact that it is spring break and there will be thousands of young people in mostly drunken and drugged stupors makes it even more likely something bad could happen. Does she think just because it will mostly be college and high school kids there that there is safety in numbers? And that the "real" bad guys won't intermingle with these kids/adults? I feel Hunter is truly afraid for her safety. Even though the likelihood of her coming back safely is pretty high, is it worth it to her to jeopardize her long-standing relationship for this trip?
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