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GMD: She Already Has The Dress


Lyla and Nate called us live for Great Mate Debate today.  They are planning their wedding currently and are hung up on a very serious disagreement… Lyla was engaged before and had purchased a wedding dress.  The previous wedding was called off but she saved the dress in the hopes that she would find the real Mr. Right and be able to wear the dress that she loved so much.  Nate is totally against it and says that he has no problem buying her a new dress but he wants nothing to do with a dress that she had initially bought for another man…

It took Slacker a few minutes but he finally solved this dress issue that he believes is tainted with “bad juju”.  He thinks that Lyla should go to a bridal shop and purchase a cheap wedding dress and throw that one away in front of Nate and he’ll never know the difference!  Steve thinks that both parties have made good points.  He knows what it’s like to be attached to something but also understands that the dress wasn’t meant for him originally. 

Whose side are you on?

I personally would like to know how she first mentioned the thought of wearing the “old dress” in the first place and why.  I do think she should get rid of it and start all over like she did in her love life.  If it worked for finding a new man it should work for finding a new dress. But if it’s such a big deal to keep that one she never should have told him, it’s not like he ever saw it so he’d never know.

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01/03/2013 4:30PM
GMD: She Already Has The Dress
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