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GMD: School Clothes

Today’s Great Mate Debate is all about name brands. Hannah and Ethan have a daughter that is about to start her first year of high school. They had Cassie when they were young and Hannah says she remembers what it was like to be in high school. She wants to get Cassie name brand clothes for school so she won’t be made fun of. She says it’s a simple step they can take to help their daughter fit in and not be made fun of.
Ethan, of course, disagrees with Hannah. He thinks buying name brand clothes is a waste of money. He says Cassie is not going to school to be part of a popularity contest and she should be focusing on her education…not her clothes. He also thinks she needs to deal with some adversity so she learns what it’s like to be in the real world where you have to work for what you want.
Whose side are you on? Will Cassie be wearing the hottest name brands on the first day of school? The choice is yours!

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07/24/2013 10:19PM
GMD: School Clothes
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07/25/2013 4:43PM
GMD: School Clothes
I am on Ethan's side. I have a daughter who graduated High School last year. We have always needed to watch we spend and my daughter is a bargain shopper!!!! She is VERY smart and has received scholorships for her grades. She also realizes that having the nicest expensive clothes is not real life. Go Ethan!!
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