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GMD: Safe Combo

Yi! Today’s Great Made Debate if from Daniel…  

Daniel has a safe that he keeps important documents and valuable items in…and his girlfriend Edie wants to know the combination. He says that there’s no reason for her to know, but she thinks he needs to be in the know in case anything ever happens to him.

Daniel’s safe is an antique passed down from his Grandpa and the combo is going to be the combo forever.  Slacker and Steve see where both Daniel and Edie are coming from… but lets face it, it is more likely that they will break up than for him to be in a coma and her have to break into the safe.  Slacker and Steve are leaning towards Daniel’s side.  Even though they share passwords to e-mail addresses and such, this antique safe will only have one password. 

Whose side are you on for today's Great Mate Debate?

I am on Daniel’s side, but I think that her things should be in a different safe.  I believe that if you are not married there are still a lot of private and confidential documents, and the other doesn’t need access to important documents till that point. 

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06/13/2013 4:37PM
GMD: Safe Combo
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