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GMD: Put The Dog Down?


Today’s Great Mate Debate joined us live to discuss their life or death situation. Garrett and Kylie are parents to 3 children and a dog.  The dog was Garrett’s to begin with but became a family dog and is now very sick.  He is facing either a $5,000 surgery or being put down.  Garrett does not think it’s a good idea to spend that kind of money on the surgery and would rather put him down.  Kylie says it will be horrible to put him down because it will ruin Christmas for the kids and they will never forget it…

Slacker lost a pet around Christmas and says he still thinks about it every time this time of year rolls around.  Even if it’s not during the holidays when he thinks about his lost pet, he remembers that was the worst Christmas because of it.  Steve says it was Garrett’s dog to begin with and it should be up to him…

Whose side are you on?

My first and only dog so far was also a family dog, his name was Harvey.  He got cancer at the age of nine and had to be put down L  When my dad originally took him to the vet they said that they could do some surgery to prolong the inevitable but he wouldn’t be himself or very comfortable.  To me, that’s what this is about ultimately.  If the dog won’t be comfortable, put him down.  But if they can’t afford it either than I agree to put it down.  It’s going to be hard for the whole family but it’s a part of life…

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12/13/2012 4:34PM
GMD: Put The Dog Down?
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12/13/2012 4:44PM
Put Benny down
Hello my name is Kaleb and am a recent Marine Corps vet. My wife and I agreed that it would be les painful for the dog to be put down and prolong the ill health. That money could go to your kids or something that could be put to use. Just my thoughts.
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