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GMD: Planning Pregnancy with Best Friend

Yi, today’s Great Mate Debate is from Matt and Lilo.

They're planning for their first least he thought they were! Apparently she has something else in mind! Whose side are you on for today's Great Mate Debate?

Matt snooped on his wife’s e-mail and found out that she has plans with her best friend to get pregnant at the same time, even though Matt wants to wait till he is further along in his career. Lilo and her friend Natalie want to get pregnant at the same time in order to go through the experience together.  Matt feels that Lilo and Natalie went behind his back about getting pregnant.

Slacker and Steve think that Lilo and Natalie are plotting and scheming more so than they should be.

I see both sides of this debate.  Ya, it would be great to go through all of the changes with someone who understands how you feel… On the other hand, you should also be financially stable if you’re planning a pregnancy. 

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06/06/2013 4:31PM
GMD: Planning Pregnancy with Best Friend
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06/06/2013 4:51PM
Lilo is Horrid!
As a female I cannot believe she is trying to rationalize this! I think it is totally disrespectful and I hate that women (or a lot of them) seem to think this is normal! It is one thing to daydream and 'plan' raising kids with friends and its another to basically use your partner as a sperm donor so that you can raise kids with your BFF at the same time. Lilo sucks.
06/07/2013 7:28PM
Veteran father of 3....
As a father of 3 (9, 7, & 4) Matt needs to get used to this. My wife of 13 years talks to her sisters and friends about everything kids before she talks to me. It's just how it is, they talk kids like I talk sports with my buddies. Lilo's in the clear, she's ready to have kids, it's biology. Matt, you're never ready, ever...
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