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GMD: Move in Together

Yi! Today’s Great Mate Debate is from Shane and Anna, a couple who is unsure if they should take a big step in a relationship or not…

Shane and Anna have been dating for a while now. Shane wants to move in together to save money, but Anna says not until you put a ring on it.

Slacker and Steve both believe that they have valid points, they cannot chose a side. Slacker and Steve understand Shane; saving money and essentially giving it a trial run, but Anna on the other hand she’s young and wants to do experience life without feeling like a wife.

Whose side are you on for today’s Great Mate Debate?

I am on Anna’s side; I personally don’t plan on living with a boyfriend unless we are engaged.  It has just always been one of those things that I just don’t think is good unless couples are engaged or married.

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05/16/2013 4:22PM
GMD: Move in Together
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05/16/2013 4:33PM
Sorry buddy
Sorry Shane but I was in the same circumstance when I was in college and she wanted to live more life than what I thought and ended up with several other people. It sucks but sounds like she wants to experience things and you may not be part of the plan.
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