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GMD: Mom's Painting

Arnold and Lucy have been divorced now for 4 years, about 5 years ago Arnold’s mom started getting really sick; just recently his mom has passed away.  Arnold growing up always remembers his mom loving to paint and being really good at it.  When she was sick, about 5 years ago she sold all of her paintings to pay for the hospital bills.  The only painting left was a gift given to Lucy for her birthday.  Now that Arnold’s mom has passed he wants the painting his ex-wife has to remember his mom by.  He wants Lucy to give him the painting, but it is one of her favorite piece of art. 
Slacker is stuck down the middle; he has no idea who should have the painting.  Steve is on Lucy’s side, because it was given to her and it holds a special place.
Whose side are you on?
Personally I think that Arnold should pay someone to duplicate the painting, and give Lucy the new one so he can have the original his mother made. 
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03/21/2013 4:38PM
GMD: Mom's Painting
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03/21/2013 7:56PM
It was a GIFT and hers to keep !
If at some point she wants to share it with him that is a "personal" decision.
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