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GMD: Give Away Inheritance


Bobby’s grandmother passed away and left each of the grandchildren a nice little inheritance. Bobby says that he and his wife Robin are set financially and don’t need the money. He wants to give his portion of grandma’s money to his brother, James, who is struggling. Robin says that there is no way they are giving the money to James. He is a lazy person that can’t hold a job and by giving him the money they are telling him that is okay and someone will always bail him out. Plus, she says they are not “set financially.” She says they have enough to pay their bills every month but that’s about it.

Slacker and Steve think that both deserved the money.  Bobby and Robin need a vacation and to become more financially set. On the other hand James also deserves a bigger boost of cash to really help him not struggle so much. 

Whose side are you on?

I think that Bobby and Robin should give James half and keep the other half for them.   Bobby and Robin should go on a nice vacation and then invest the rest, and probably suggest that James also invest his extra found cash. 

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04/25/2013 4:31PM
GMD: Give Away Inheritance
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04/25/2013 4:35PM
keep the money and wait and see how the brother spends his inheritance first. Then decide if it is wise to help him out.
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