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GMD: Get Rid of the Dog


Today’s Great Mate Debate couple is having a slight disagreement on what to do with their dog when their baby arrives. They got their dog, Maggie, together years ago, but with a baby on the way she says the dog has got to go but he says the dog is part of the family and needs to stay. He says they will obviously be careful and separate the dog from the baby, but there will be baby gates, the baby will be protected. She is going to be a new mom and is nervous their dog Maggie might hurt the baby and is just trying to be precautious.

Slacker says that when he and his wife had their first kid they kept their dog but definitely didn’t pay as much attention to their dog. He felt bad for their dog but I mean, they had a kid now. Slacker thinks that if she is going to be nervous, they probably shouldn’t keep the dog.

Steve says he’s going to have to side with her on this one too. Just like Slacker said, the dog is just going to feel neglected.

Whose side are you on?

With Love,
Intern Elana  

(Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

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08/08/2013 4:34PM
GMD: Get Rid of the Dog
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08/09/2013 3:55PM
Get Rid of the Dog - 8-8
How did this turn out? I missed the ending and hope the dog wasn't leaving!
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