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GMD: Fireworks


No secret the 4th of July is coming up... but this divorced couple is unsure on how they should let their son (Brandon) celebrate. Brandon is 9 years old and will be with his Dad (Tyler) that weekend who has a ton of fireworks to light off.  Lighting off fireworks has been a tradition with his family for decades.  Hannah on the other hand thinks that Brandon is too young, and being in a dangerous environment will end up badly.   

Hannah ex Tyler wants to take 9 year old and insane about of fireworks and explosives… Brandon son, doesn’t want her son exposed to explosives…big deal in his family, so thinks it would be fun to introduce his son to his tradition…

Slacker likes the tradition standpoint from Tyler’s perspective.  But both Slacker and Steve are in question if 9 years old is too young to be playing with fireworks.  This is a battle against momma bear and poppa bear. 

Whose side are you on?

Intern Lauren

(Photo courtesy from freedigitalphotos.net)

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06/27/2013 4:27PM
GMD: Fireworks
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06/27/2013 4:42PM
Time to let go.
Hannah needs to let go of what Tyler did in the past and realize he is not the same person he was years ago (despite her insistence he is horrible). She can't let her son live his life constantly under "what if" situation's and let him have a normal childhood. You can't live your life in a bubble.
06/27/2013 4:52PM
shes probably right
It looks like Slacker and Steve only took phone calls for Tylers side but thats no surprise they usually side with the men on most of the subjects being talked about.
06/27/2013 5:31PM
Let Brandon have some fun responsibly
I think Hannah is a good mother and truly has her son's best interest at heart, but I think she needs to ease off on this one. I'm a female and some of my best childhood memories are from 4th of July. My dad used to light fireworks off for usand we learned that matches, fireworks, etc. were not toys and that they needed to be handled responsibly.
06/27/2013 6:39PM
A life well lived is not always free of boo boos
Just wondering if Hannah would feel the same way about downhill skiing, playing football, riding a skateboard, skeet shooting, etc. -- I would view ALL of these activities as calculated danger, but a life well lived involves a little calculated danger. Fireworks can be dangerous and should only be used carefully and under adult supervision, but they are also loads of fun and yes, a tradition in many families on the Forth of July. Would there be a way these two could work in limits to help her feel better about the situation? For example -- it's ok to light and hold a sparkler, firecracker, smokebomb, etc. but leave any of the big stuff to Dad, while son watches at a safe distance -- say 20/30 yards away. Just a thought.
06/28/2013 10:24AM
Did you let Intern Lauren write this hammah-faced?
Seriously just read that second paragraph, lol.
06/28/2013 7:55PM
Agree with Tyler
I agree with Tyler, I was 10 when I went with my Dad for the 4th of July ( My parents have been divorced my whole life.) My Dad took me to his side of the family (in Minnesota) and we lit fireworks. My Dad asked me if I wanted to light some off, the small ones that don't leave the ground (ones that made whizzing noises and turned different colors) and some sparklers, I was nervous at first but he showed me how to light the fireworks safely and told me to get far away after I lit the firework. I was 10 years old and i lit some small fireworks, I was under supervision of 7 adults and there were 2 other kids my age there lighting off fireworks as well. I have all 10 fingers and toes and so does everyone else who was there. I was one of my favorite 4th of July's and I still remember how fun it was and it was 11 years ago. I understand Hannah's issue of safety but if it's a tradition in Tyler's family and there has never been an accident then I think it is fine for Brandon to go with his Dad for the 4th and light fireworks. If Hannah keeps Brandon away from his dad then Brandon is going to grow up resenting his mom.
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