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GMD: College or No College


Today’s live OPP isn’t a “couple,” it’s a mother and son.  Evelyn’s son, Timothy, loves computers and is great with them.  He is graduating high school in the spring and Evelyn wants him to go to college in the fall but he wants no part of it… That’s just one part of the argument.  Evelyn and her husband have saved up quite a bit of money to send Timothy to college, but since he has goals of becoming the next big name in computers he wants them to give him the “college money” so he can invest it in other projects.  Evelyn wants Timothy to succeed but thinks that going to college can only help his goal, and says that he is arrogant in his young age and still has a lot to learn.

Slacker and Steve are at opposite ends of this very much like Evelyn and Timothy.  Slacker does agree that it’s Timothy’s choice to not go to college, but pretty much can’t believe the audacity that of him to think that, that money is still owed to him if he chooses not to go.  Steve sees the money as Timothy’s to do with as he pleases, kind of.  His parents saved the money for his college as an investment for his future but if he doesn’t want to go, why not invest in his future the way he wants.  Steve says give him the money as a “start up” for his business.

Whose side are you on?

My turn…First of all, it’s the parent’s money…to choose to do with whatever they want!! They earned it and saved it for his college and that is very nice of them but they didn’t have to do it.  It’s not a requirement for a parent to have a college fund for their kids so he should be thankful that they did that in the first place.  Second, I think they should put a time limit on the college money.  If in 4 years he still doesn’t want to go to college they should spend the money on themselves, so he can’t turn around when he’s 28 and decide he wants to go to school then as a full on adult.  It’s cool that he chooses not to go to college right now, I was the same way.  But I had a job, paid all my own bills, went on vacations, bought vehicles and didn’t expect a thing from my parents.  Timothy needs to get over himself and grow up.

Intern Kelly

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01/24/2013 5:04PM
GMD: College or No College
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01/24/2013 5:22PM
GMD: College or no college
I think the more fundamental issues here are 1) Timothy's feeling like his parents have no faith in his abilities, and 2) Evelyn's rigidity and inability to think outside of the box. I allowed my son to drop out of high school his junior year, as long as he got his GED. I had no doubt he would make his way in the world. (Like Timothy, he's intelligent, driven, persistent and extremely good with computers.) The year my son would have graduated high school his income was $80,000. All of his high school friends whose parents insisted they go to college have since dropped out--because they didn't want to be there. They spend time at my son's luxury apartment, drive around with him in his $40,000 car that he paid cash for, and wish they were him! If I had selfishly made my son stay in school--because of MY dreams for him--he would have been miserable. College is not for everyone. I believe one-hundred percent that Timothy will someday prove his parents wrong. I just hope he's more generous with his fortune when it's time for them to choose a nursing home;)
01/24/2013 5:46PM
Take half the money and get an online degree from herzing for 50k in under 3 yrs He takes student loans for the amount half doesn't cover.. After graduatuon they give him the rest of the money to do with as he pleases
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