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GMD: Bullied Son

John and Renee have a 13-year-old son who is being bullied at school. The bully also gets other kids to pick on their son. Renee wants to go talk to the principal and get her involved in protecting their son. But on the other hand John who grew up in a rough neighborhood thinks it’s important for his son to learn how to stick up for himself. 
Slacker and Steve think that morally Renee is right, you should get the school faculty involved, but they also agree with John.  Slacker and Steve understand that you need to stand up for yourself and if faculty gets involved their son will always be protected, but also be known as “that kid”. 
Whose side are you on?
I think that the faculty should be aware of the situation, but that their son Nate also needs to learn how to stand up for himself, middle school stinks for everyone but things change in high school.  When high school rolls around, the bully will also be at the bottom of the totem pole and will no longer be the “big guy on campus”.  What comes around goes around.
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03/14/2013 4:37PM
GMD: Bullied Son
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03/15/2013 12:07AM
Both are correct, make a list
All together sit and make a list on what to do first. I would ask my son if he knows anything from these kids, as far as how their family is. Their parents might be very good parents that go to church and maybe work so much that probably have no idea what is going on. These kids might care allot about sports etc. Then have evidence of any conversation or anything negative. I got a digital recorder once. Talk to the principal, teacher, and even the police for advice. Do see videos on how to defend your self or teach your child how to defend him self from someone that starts a fight. Make a plan, make it smart, let him hear what you are planning and have him suggest ideas, and let him know you will show him how to defend him self. He should not start a fight but he can defend him self. It is still showing him to stand up for him self. All this will make you and him the smart ones in this bad situation. Their parents if are good people and have no idea, will some how find out and they will punish their kids. Evidence is good to have to for proof that your child is not at fault. Talking to a counselor is a good idea and now days we have many online teen to teen talk web sites. If the best solution after you tried everything, is to change schools, then go ahead, the safety of your kid is important too. Him feeling happy each day in school is important too. Sit down all three and make a list on what is first and how and the safest way to do this and have proof to protect your kid. I was in a similar situation before and this worked. The teachers had an idea what I was up to, getting evidence and they ended up helping keep an eye on what goes on on the playground. They noticed the boys bothering my boy and the boys got in allot of trouble and they did not laugh later about it because they got in allot of trouble.
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