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GMD: Budget Cuts


Today’s Great Mate Debate is live with Kelly and Graham, parents of two.  They are struggling financially and trying to figure out ways to cut back.  Kelly wants to get rid of cable and just use Netflix and Hulu.  Graham says that will only save them $150 a month and getting rid of the second car would be a much better option.  He thinks that will save about $450 a month.  Kelly fears that if they got rid of the second car that would turn her in to a chauffer because she is a stay at home mom and she wants no part of that. 

Steve thinks of both as a necessity and invites us all to join him in the land of freedom that is being single.  Slacker says that if he were to be single again, he still has to pay pretty much everything the same way because he has two kids.  Once a jury member brought up the fact that Graham is the “bread winner” and it should be his decision, both Slacker and Steve worry that this is going to get to be a bigger argument…

Whose side are you on?

Personally, I’m on Kelly’s side.  Yes, getting rid of the car would save more money but it would also be much more of a hassle.  I do think though that she should look in to getting a part-time job and that would help with finances too.  Or she should become an “Extreme Couponer”!

Intern Kelly
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01/31/2013 4:49PM
GMD: Budget Cuts
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01/31/2013 6:43PM
military wife's vengence
not sure it i'm allowed to say, so i would like another mode of communication
01/31/2013 11:34PM
budget cuts
I am on the wife's side. I believe that the car is an asset and the cable is a liability. It is her independence and if he wants to get rid of her car let him agree to ride the bus and not pull her and the two kids into his daily commute. Her job is a very hard one no matter what the young lady on the air said today( what a ditz she is. Just wait until she does have kids and finds out how hard a stay at home parents job really is.) These two are 50-50 partners and The money he makes is because she stays at home and takes care of those kids. I understand the importance of cable and the guy being a sports nut but the sacrifice he is suggesting seems to be all on her part. Not fair.
02/01/2013 3:10AM
Budget cuts
Yi!!!! first time blogger here:) we just downgraded from a house to an apartment. We decided to have only Netflix & Hulu. And cut cable, I think since they have children 2 cars are needed, it is ever so stressful taking ur kids at night to pick up the hubby. I mean think of the times when u get sick or the kids get sick and u gotta get them up. I say sell the car and buy a little Honda civic they r cheap and reliable. Boom problem solved!!! Cheers
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