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GMD: Body Modification


Mike is in a band, it pays the bills; but to portray the rock star image he has gotten tattoos and gauges. Tiffany thinks it is about time that he stops adding ink, just in case he ever has to get a real world job, she doesn’t want the tattoos affecting his chances.

Slacker doesn’t think that Mike should keep getting inked; over perusing the rock star image is going to hurt him in the future.  As soon as you get tattoos on your neck, it’s going too far. 

Whose side are you on?

I think that a neck tattoo is taking things too far.  If Mike wants to get tattoos that’s fine, but when they will become visible when wearing a suit it’s just too much. 

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03/28/2013 4:30PM
GMD: Body Modification
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03/28/2013 4:54PM
Tattoo on the Neck
I think he should get that tattoo. He is so convinced that this is his image, then I say do it. I thought neck tattoos were associated with being in jail so I can see her point, but he is still going to get the tattoo. His idea of what is important in the music business seems very far fetched in my opinion. Let him experience the consequences and if it all works out great and if it doesn't, he can't say he wasn't warned. She won't be around much longer anyway, you can hear it in her voice.
03/28/2013 5:20PM
I'm for Mike!
YOLO! You only live once and live it to the fullest and enjoy life the way you want and have no regrets! Like one caller said we do live in a different world these days, more places are accepting of tattoos and if he wants one on his neck go for it. There are PLENTY of "real world" jobs that will accept that. And if it needs to be removed then so what, money isn't everything! Doesn't sound like they'll be together for long anyways because she's a controlling twit and can't accept him for him. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! You don't live to please everybody else!
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