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GMD: Big TV or Little TV


We’re a day behind on Great Mate Debate… Today’s has to do with the age old question: Does size really matter? Two newlyweds, Mike and Danielle want to use some of their wedding money to decorate their house. He wants to build a home theater system, equipped with a 70'' TV and surround sound. While she wants to keep things small and simple with a smaller, more economical TV.

Mike and Danielle are newlyweds. They are trying to use some of the wedding money to decorate and update their house. Mike is really into movies and wants to build a home theater and get a big 70” TV, along with captain chairs, stadium seating and surround sound. Danielle thinks that a TV that big is ridiculous. She says they have a smaller TV now and they’ve done just fine with that. With the money they save from not having a huge TV, she thinks that they should put it back into the house. She doesn’t want to spend their wedding money on something that outrageous.”

Slacker believes Danielle is in the right here, Mike is trying to justify something a bit ridiculous and the reason is because Danielle already lets him have DVD’s ,HD DVD’s and Blue ray along have over 6 remotes just for their TV right now. She feels adding more gadgets won’t stop him asking for more in the long run.

Who's more justified with this?

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04/12/2013 4:23PM
GMD: Big TV or Little TV
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