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G.M.D. New Year's Resolution


New Year's Resolutions are supposed to better the year to come, but not in this case. Today's Great Mate Debate is about Chris who wants to give up drinking for their resolution together, but his wife Brittany doesn't want to because her work involves parties/ wining and dining clients, etc.

Who's side are you on?

Slacker- If Chris wanted to change his life he can any day of the year, but everyone does it on the new year. Couples do resolutions together all the time like losing weight, or cleaning up diets. This is something different now. He doesn't want her to hurt her life, or someone else coming home from one of these parties or dinners.

Steve-  Brittany claimed she's part of a "team" at work, but she's on a team with Chris too. He feels they were part of an intervention. But if Steve were handed a shot at a client party and didn't take the shot, he'd feel like the client would be offended.

I think that Brittany can stick with one drink per meal or party. They can compromise. She can easily tell the client "Hey, I need to stick to one drink. I'm driving home tonight." It's not hard.

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01/02/2014 4:52PM
G.M.D. New Year's Resolution
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