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Fun in Dysfuntion

How do you prove your family might be a little on the dysfunctional side? Attack your aunt a fight over prescription painkillers or attack your grandpa on the way to prom!

A Tennessee woman tried to infect her aunt with HIV during a fight over prescription painkillers. The woman demanded the drugs from her aunt and began beating her when she refused. She then stuffed a rag inside her mouth and wiped it on her aunt’s face, telling her she was HIV positive. Cops said the victim, who is in a wheelchair, had cuts on her face and inside her mouth. Cops didn’t say if the woman is in fact, HIV positive.

Another story of a grandfather was assaulted by his granddaughter while taking her to the prom! Yes taking her to prom, not dropping her off!

Slacker says this first story is borderline white trash newsworthy! He thinks corsages are stupid as well; there is absolutely not point to them! Slacker asks if women don’t wear flowers on our wrists now then why they would want them now!
Steve agrees with Slacker with the whole corsages thing.
How is does your family put the fun in dysfunctional?
Intern Tyler

(Photo Courtesy: Flickr.com)

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06/04/2014 6:21PM
Fun in Dysfuntion
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