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Freegans/Frugality and Dumpster divers


Desperate times come to desperate measures. People have started being really frugal with daily amenities...including reusing teabags, gift unwrapping very carefully to reuse next year, asking for pencils at IKEA and taking toilet paper from public restrooms!

“The Newstead family, of London, may be the thriftiest family in the world. They recycle tea bags three times per week, re-use tin foil and sandwich bags and ration toilet paper. Keely Newstead says, “There is so much free stuff out there we might as well help ourselves. It saves us a fortune. The kids love it. It is like a game. Always look out for spare toilet rolls in public toilets. There’s often one on the top of the tank so put it in your bag. And ration loo paper at home – six sheets are enough per visit! We haven’t bought a pen or pencil in years. Ikea give away free pencils and even tape measures and pens. When my kids are opening birthday or Christmas presents, I never let them rip open the wrapping paper – I make them take it off carefully so I can use it again. I got complimentary drinks in a restaurant after complaining about the food. Then when I got home I wrote to the head office and got vouchers.''

 A Wichita, Kansas woman is ok after becoming trapped in a dumpster while dumpster diving. She was searching for metal when the trash truck picked up the dumpster and dumped it into the truck. The woman's sister arrived and prevented the driver from compacting.”

What have you done to be a little more frugal?

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02/26/2013 6:29PM
Freegans/Frugality and Dumpster divers
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03/21/2014 8:01AM
The London family that steals toilet paper from public toilets are just common thieves, and are teaching their children to be the same. And you find that admirable?
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