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Found in Hotel


Showbiz Spy claims Lady GaGa recently caught a male hotel employee trying on her costumes. A source tells the site, “The guy just froze, horrified to be suddenly standing face to face with GaGa – and wearing her clothes! But instead of yelling for security and getting him fired, GaGa giggled and said: ‘Honey, you have that outfit all wrong!’ Not missing a beat, she adjusted his wig, chose another hat, and – shushing the guy’s babbled apologies – started teaching him how to walk in her shoes. And she actually snapped a cell phone pic of them together! The guy went nuts! He just couldn’t resist trying on one of her wigs – and then, caught up in the moment, he actually stripped and slipped on one of GaGa’s bizarre outfits…including a pair of her towering, do-me shoes, topped off by a wild-and-crazy hat!''
Also, police made the discovery after being called to the room by hotel workers. Inside they found snakes ranging from 12 inches to four and a half feet long. "The snakes were not being suitably cared for and were in distress. The anxious officers called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who attended and took 40 pythons into their care," cops said in a statement. The reptiles were in plastic bins and tubs of all sizes and some were cramped for space.
Slacker and Steve know someone that checked into a hotel and found a gun! They turned it into the front desk and it turned out that a police officer had stayerd in the room before them and left their gun.
What crazy thing have you found in a hotel?

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08/29/2013 8:54PM
Found in Hotel
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08/30/2013 4:57PM
Found a fake female body part
I worked as a hotel manager once and we had a very nice frequent guest that stayed with us. He was a really nice person, was married, had kids, and a desk agent had to go check his room because he was scheduled for a late checkout and we weren't sure whether or not hey had left yet. Well, she knocked, announced herself, went inside, no one was there, flipped on the bathroom and right there laying on the counter was a giant fake vagina. I am so not kidding. Heard you talking about this on the radio and I HAD to get through to tell this story. I think it's far worse when you work at the hotel and know that all these kinds of freaks are staying with you. At least when you're a customer you can go somewhere else, but there's no escaping when it's your job! The said thing was, we saw him nearly every day, and all that we thought about whenever he passed through the lobby was, GIANT.FAKE.VAGINA.
08/30/2013 5:27PM
Traumatizing the youth
The summer after I got out of high school my mom decided I needed a job and in cahoots with my aunt got me a job as a housekeeper at a local golf resort. Never applied or interviewed. The FIRST day we were cleaning rooms after some teens who were here for a nar anon conference checked out. The whole wing where the group was staying was trashed. The FIRST room I walked in to had a USED CONDOM TAPED TO THE LIGHT FIXTURE BETWEEN THE TWO BEDS..... Scarred for life. Lol.
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