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Found Out on Facebook

A fan sent in a message saying she was upset at the fact that her daughter found out about a death in the family through facebook. She was mostly upset that she was unable to soften the blow of this sensitive subject for her child. She is asking that posting about tragic events be delayed long enough to allow for the family to be informed.

Steve says it is a nice thought but it is unlikely since social media is so popular these days.

Slacker reminds Steve about how he "stole his thunder" by telling people that he and his wife were going to have a baby before he had the chance.

What is the craziest news you have ever found out about on social network?

I once had a situation where my sister's husband was very sick and it was looking grim. Someone posted on facebook that  he had died. I was pretty upset so I informed her of the facts and suggested that she remove the post so she didn't hurt family members and friends.  He pulled through and is doing much better now. Some people will post things based on rumors and don't consider whether it is true or not or who it could hurt. I wish that would stop, but I do not expect it to.

ME (Charlee)

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10/11/2013 7:02PM
Found Out on Facebook
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