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Found Out on Facebook


There's just some information that deserves a face-to-face conversation, not a re-tweet on Twitter! One mother is infuriated by the fact that her daughter found out about a family death on Facebook before she could talk to her about it. She wants people to open their eyes and realize
that you shouldn’t live your life through the internet and Facebook.

Steve inadvertently spilled the beans about Slacker’s wife’s first pregnancy through social media.  They both agree that nowadays Facebook is “buyer beware” because absolutely everything will be shared on social media one way or another… people rarely wait to tell someone face-to-face before going straight to their Facebook.

What have you found about through Facebook?

I found out about my cousin’s wedding through Facebook.  I knew he was engaged but unsure of the date of the wedding- one day my Aunt posted all of the photos on Facebook and I was like, “congrats?” It was somewhat of an awkward situation, to say the least.

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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03/20/2013 4:46PM
Found Out on Facebook
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