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Foods You Find Disgusting

There are some foods that are completely disgusting for one reason or another. (Click here for a list of a few)
Slacker says he doesn’t mind a Big Mac except for the sauce that they put on it! He also says that Steve and him got into an argument about olives. Slacker is upset because he has been proven wrong! He thinks someone hurt Lil D when he was younger because now Lil D doesn’t like any kind of breakfast food.
Steve says everyone loves a big mac except for Slacker. He says that green olives are not as ripe olives as the black ones and was proven right! Steve says tomatoes are dumb but pizza sauce is ok. He says that eggs are basically ovaries of the chickens and its gross
Lil D hates tomatoes as well, his grandparents used to say that they tasted delicious home grown so he tried it… said it tasted the same! He stands by his decision to not like tomatoes. Lil D doesn’t like any kind of food that is for breakfast. He says eggs are just gross, hash browns are always burnt, and as for pancakes, he wants to know who gets up in the morning and wants dessert!
What everyday food disgusts you?

I would have to agree with Steve and Lil D, tomatoes are disgusting! They make everything gross.
Intern Tyler

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06/18/2014 7:33PM
Foods You Find Disgusting
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