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Flight Follies

Some crazy things go down at 35,000 feet; recently a flight recently had to be diverted after a man became heated while arguing with his family and went after a flight attendant! A man on another flight actually punched a flight attendant!
Flight Diverted After Dad Has Meltdown in Front of His Kids
A JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas was diverted to Detroit over the weekend after a man lunged at a flight attendant in front of his family. The man is shown in another passenger’s video shouting at the crew member as his children plead with him to stop and another person tries to hold him down. He was yelling in a foreign language and did not speak English, so no one had any idea what he was upset about. The flight was in the air for about an hour when the incident happened, and the man appeared to be in a heated argument with his family before others became involved. Once the plane landed in Detroit, the man was arrested and taken to a local hospital for evaluation, but it’s not clear what charges he may face.
Another obnoxiously drunk passenger... punches flight attendant
A drunken man who was celebrating his honeymoon was arrested after hitting a flight attendant while flying from Japan to Honolulu. Flight attendants said the man was drunk beforehand, and he continued to drink during the flight. He became angry when attendants didn’t take away his tray because they were busy. The man responds by punching one of the attendants. He could face up to 20 years in prison.
Slacker says that Steve was trying to mess with him on a airplane, while he was in the bathroom, but it didn’t work!
Steve says that he waited for Slacker to lock the door and once that happened he started banging on the wall to bug Slacker. He says that after a minute of doing this a flight attendant popped around the corner and explained to Steve that he wasn’t banging on the bathroom wall… instead he was banging on the wall that had drinks, bottles and cans! Steve says that he was knocking them off of the wall.
What is your flight follies story?
Intern Tyler

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06/18/2014 6:36PM
Flight Follies
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