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Five Famous Landmarks Most Of Us Have Never Visited

Do you travel a lot?

What's somewhere you would like to go that you haven't been to yet?

I haven't traveled nearly as much as I'd like to, but my honeymoon in Hawaii was  by far my favorite trip I've taken!

According to a new survey, most of us haven't been to some of the country's most famous landmarks. 

Here five that MOST Americans have never seen, see how you stack up.
1.  78% of us have never been to the Space Needle in Seattle. 
2.  73% of Americans have never visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
3.  70% have never seen the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. 
4.  69% of us have never seen the Hollywood Sign. 
5.  And 57% have never been to the White House. 
The only landmark on the list that more than HALF of Americans have visited was the Las Vegas Strip.  Only 45% of us haven't been there.

Sad to say, I've only been at one of the above (Hollywood) you?

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05/23/2013 7:44AM
Five Famous Landmarks Most Of Us Have Never Visited
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