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At your graduation...while receiving recognition from the president! There are plenty of embarrassing moments to fall, even if your an amazing athlete!
President Obama was rescuer-in-chief Monday, jumping in to help a tumbling UConn champ during a White House visit. Huskies player Stefanie Dolson got carried away in excitement Monday as she stood among her teammates on risers in the East Room, as both the men’s and women’s basketball teams were praised for their NCAA victories. But Obama's adulations got the better of the 6-foot-5 center, who took a spill from her perch as Obama passed by. Though he tried to offer comfort in her state of embarrassment, Dolson turned her back to the commander-in-chief and hid her head in her hands. Finally, she recovered her pride, laughed it off, shook hands with Obama and even curtsied to the crowd. (Click here for original story)
Slacker has had a lot of random falls throughout his life. He talks about a story when the mall he was used to going to remodeled and he walked into the window and left his greasy face stain on the glass! Slacker says he is sure he was looking at the attractive girl working at the juice shop which made him not pay attention. He says that he remembers a time that Steve fell off of a chair and it was hilarious.
Steve says he controls gravity and doesn’t ever fall. He proved this when Lil D tried to pull his chair out from him and he did not fall. Steve says that he caught himself when he “fell” off of the chair so it doesn’t count.
Lil D says that on his first day at middle school he was running across a field in front of everyone, his new baggy jeans fell down to his ankles and he dug his face into the ground. He says that from then on he was known as “Stork Legs.”

What is your most embarrassing public fall moment?

I was riding my bike to work one day and the sun was shining into my eyes, what I didn’t see was a stop sign in front of me. I hit the sign straight on, flew over the handlebars and landed on the front lawn of a random house. Best part is, someone drove by right when it happened, they were pointing and laughing as I laid there!
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06/11/2014 6:22PM
Fell Down
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