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Favorite Drunken Food


Everyone gets a little crazy drunk now and then, but when you do, you want that special kind of food. Here is a list of some of the most popular drunk foods around the world:
            •           America – pepperoni pizza
            •           China – barbecue skewers of veggies, beef, and chicken
            •           Canada – French fries topped with cheese and gravy
            •           Mexico – tacos
            •           Brazil – deep fried batter balls
            •           Ireland – mashed potatoes and butter
            •           Turkey – pita wrap
            •           Iran – Persian pizza … veggies and sausage, but no sauce
            •           Japan – ramen noodles
            •           Germany – sausage with ketchup and fries with mayo
            •           Czech Republic – fried cheese sandwich
            •           England – cheese fries (Coed)

Slacker loves ramen noodles when he is messed up, loves to eat it raw with the powder dusted onto it. He also wants to know who eats the shrimp kind. Slacker thinks it’s just the essence of shrimp! It tastes nothing like shrimp. The fact that America likes pizza as drunken food is lame and too typical. Marie Calenders chicken pot pie used to be his favorite food, until he looked at the nutrition facts.
Steve has never had ramen noodles! He also thinks that shrimp flavor would be the only flavor he would try because it seems like a fancier flavor. He thinks IHOP should be America’s food of choice when you’re drunk.
Lil D loves to chow down on some greasy, regular colored, and loaded up with cheese, nachos. Says there is nothing better.
What is your drunken food?
When I get a little stupid my favorite kind of drunken food is anything with sugar, specifically the Pizooki! A half baked cookie with ice cream smothered on top. Simply amazing and nothing tastes better!
Intern Tyler
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05/07/2014 7:21PM
Favorite Drunken Food
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