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Seth and his wife have been trying for years to have a baby.  They have started saving money for in vitro fertilization, but due to financial circumstances they have only been able to save a little more than half of what it costs.  Seth is going to Vegas soon and has decided to let fate decide.  His wife doesn’t know but he is going to take the money that they have saved and putting it on red (her favorite color).  He feels like this is the right thing to do. 
Both Slacker and Steve and had fate work in their favor. In a rush for dinner Steve placed all he had out on the table and ended up winning $5,000. Slacker ended up being in the right place at the right time and getting a job offer!
When has fate worked out for you?
I went to a Nuggets game one year for my birthday and brought some friends, and it just so happened that we sat behind a guy who had extra tickets to go in the back after the game and do a small meet and greet with some of the players. 
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02/18/2013 4:35PM
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02/18/2013 5:09PM
Fate says they should be childless - Make your own fate
There are two risks for his gamble...losing the money on red...or losing the doubled money on a no-guarantee in-vitro! Adoption is a sure thing. Put the money (more than enough) on adoption. Or do an absolutely free foster-adopt and change someone else's fate along with your own. We adopted five after wasting time, money, and tears in fertility. Seventeen years later...we now have those five and two 'accidental' pregnancies. Fate will shine on you if you're willing to make your own.
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