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Fate Update


Fate update: Seth gave us permission to tell his wife that he plans to gamble the funds for their future child. Slacker is against because of the possible consequences of airing this out life, but Steve has been pushing it.

We’ve got Seth’s wife on the phone and are about to tell her the news…

Slacker was obviously nervous when telling Hannah, Seth’s wife, the news and she was clearly shocked. Slacker told Hannah to hang tight while Lil-D tried to get Seth on the phone.  Steve still believes that this had to be done.

It was definitely nerve-wracking listening as Slacker told Hannah what her husband is doing … At first Hannah was furious with Seth when he joined her on air, BUT Seth told her that he won! She’s gonna be a mother!

Stay classy!
Intern Kirstyn

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02/27/2013 5:02PM
Fate Update
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02/27/2013 5:09PM
Thank God or that poor man would have been in the doghouse for a long long time!!!
02/27/2013 5:51PM
Love must conquer all!
He is super lucky he won but I would still be mad at him if I was Hannah. That was a risky move but congrats to the couple
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