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A man in Florida posed as a DEA agent all to gain respect in Orlando's club scene. To gain free access to all the clubs he would tell the owners illegal activity was happening in their clubs. Eventually the one owner contacted the FBI and the man confessed he was posing as an agent.

Not only did someone pose at DEA, but a woman faked her own death just to avoid a $39 fine from a tanning salon! Two years later after getting a call from a domestic violence call, police showed u on her doorstep asking if she was still alive because she was supposed to be dead. She now faces criminal charges and a jail sentence.

Slacker says he faked being Daughtry in Vegas so he could get food. And it wasn’t even good food. He sent the other people in the entourage to the front to see the time. He convinced the people in the front of the line that he was Daughtry’s brother. If he couldn’t pull that off he was going to pretend to be Howie Mandel’s brother.

Steve makes fun of this guy who pretended to a DEA agent because if you want street cred especially in the clubs you want to want to be the drug dealer. Steve bought camo clothes and shaved his head like a jar head haircut and went to buy booze at a liquor store. And they sold it to him.

Have you ever faked something? Being a person? An illness?

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05/05/2014 6:21PM
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