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Extreme Parenting

A dad got so fed up with his son online gaming habits, he hired in-game assassins to constantly stalk and kill his son’s gaming character with the hope that his son would start putting more effort into getting a job. 

Slacker wants to give this guy the 'Dad of the Year" award! He thinks this is brilliant! As far as extreme measures, Slacker is a huge advocate of taking doors, bathroom and bedroom, off the hinges.  

What extreme measures have you used to change a child’s behavior?  
(photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)


01/08/2013 7:20PM
Extreme Parenting
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01/13/2013 9:36PM
Behavioral hospital for teens
I tried to call in during the show but was unable to get through so I thought I would share because my experience was incredibly extreme. When I was about 15 I was a total spoiled brat and was the kid that always tried to run away, told my parents I hated them and always went extreme if I didn't get what I wanted. My parents were so frustrated because they had no idea what to do and one day I said that I would rather not live then not have whatever they wouldn't give me, (I do not even remember what that was) so my dad went to the extreme and took me to the hospital and told them I had threatened to kill myself and they put me in a behavioral hospital for mentally ill kids. He told me that he would take me where kids who really felt that way had to go. They let me stay there for 3 days and I begged to get out, but I never said that again and my attitude changed drastically. It was EXTREME but it worked. The facility was really nice they did not put me in a terrible place, but still for someone who was 15 it was a serious consequence.
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