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Extreme Beauty

People will do some pretty extreme stuff for beauty! A Mexican singer Thalia rumored to have removed some of her ribs to make her waist thinner. She has been teasing her fans for years if it’s really a myth or not. She recently posted a picture of herself on her Instagram smiling next to a jar with two ribs in it. She then posted another picture saying they weren’t her actual ribs. We are still clueless to the truth! Another woman had fed her daughter tapeworm eggs to get her to lose weight before her beauty pageant. She ended up in the hospital for stomach pains and after she used the restroom, the nurse noticed a toilet bowl full of worms.
Slacker says he was at grocery store and he had seen a woman who had Nicki Minaj’s butt with a waist the same size as his own four year old. She was obviously a woman who did the corset trick to keep looking thin. Slacker does girly things like facials and is trying his hardest to get Steve to admit that he gets them too.
Steve says if he could have his rat-tail back, he would most definitely get hair extensions.
What have you done for beauty?
Intern Alli
Photo courtesy: Flickr.com

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08/26/2014 4:38PM
Extreme Beauty
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