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Steve was in the Alice 105.9 lobby when a mom came in to pick up a prize and was holding one of her daughters. Her daughter grabbed the shirt and the whole thing came down, bra and everything! The mom was mortified and the kid started throwing a tantrum. Afterwards Steve kind of felt bad for her…but it was super exciting nonetheless!

Slacker suggested that Steve just chill at water parks all day. Swimsuits are coming down right and left.

Steve remembers a time when he was in high school and was chilling playing video games when these seniors that didn’t like him came into the room. They started chasing him and he forgot one was on the track team. They got a hold of his sweatpants and the shorts he was wearing underneath, and just tore them both off completely, leaving everything out in the open.

Has your kid ever exposed you? Or have you ever been in any situation where you’ve been exposed?

This exact situation happened to me, only it wasn’t my kid. I was holding my nephew while talking to my brother-in-law, when the kid decided to pull down my shirt…can you say terrible two’s!

With Love,
Intern Elana

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08/06/2013 6:20PM
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