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Expensive Fights


Did you break a flat screen TV? Crash a car? Burn down a house? Sometimes a fight can cause you to do some pretty ridiculous things. Tell us how much damage did you cause in your expensive fight?

Steve’s most expensive fight was being expelled from school, which isn’t expensive. The big story comes from Slacker’s friends.  Slacker’s friends are BIG wine drinkers, and his friend and all of his college buddies every year take/borrow things from each other’s houses, and take pictures of it and hold it for ransom.   One guy took a really really expensive bottle of wine from one of his buddies, who eventually found out who was holding it for ransom. The original owner of the wine bottle was coming over to pick up his prized possession.  The couple who had it was arguing… (as parents you are always picking up toys, and sometimes even when you are arguing) her husband (wine bottle taker) made a statement similar to that he should of married his wife’s sister instead of her.  When that was said Dory (toy fish) was thrown and knocked down the bottle of wine which was tens of thousands of dollars.  Door bell rings, just moments after the bottle of wine was shattered, and it’s the original owner is there to get his bottle…

I don’t think I have ever had a fight where something was broken, especially of value.

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05/13/2013 6:27PM
Expensive Fights
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