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Everybody Loves But I Hate


Lil D has been keeping a BIG secret from us and we just found out what it is…He hates breakfast food!  We’ll wait for you to catch your breath, as we’re sure you’re just as shocked as we were… It’s gonna be ok, don’t worry.  We are in the process of firing him now unless someone can top this and tell us something more appalling than hating breakfast. 
Slacker and Steve found this out  because Slacker was going to invite Lil D and his wife over for breakfast and he responded with thanks but no thanks.  Both are equally convinced that Lil D is not American and probably some sort of alien spy or something.  Slacker’s kids even eat eggs and they barely have a sense of taste! Steve can’t even look at Lil D because he is so disturbed by this.  They really love Lil D though and don’t want him to have to go so they’re very hopeful that someone can top hating breakfast.

What things do you hate that everyone else loves?

I’m on team S & S.  I can’t believe he doesn’t like breakfast food!  I remember my parents making breakfast for us as breakfast and dinner and loving it all the time.  As far as I’m concerned breakfast is the best meal pretty much ever.  Facebook is showing us that lots of people don’t like it though, and other amazing things too.  Weird!

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02/11/2013 4:33PM
Everybody Loves But I Hate
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