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Embarassing Moment


Have you ever slipped and fall on the ice only to have everything go flying in every direction? Passed gas in the elevator right before someone got into the same car? De-pantsed? Barfed in an alley after a late night?

We have all have had super embarrassing moments and sometimes we can’t help it.

CollegeHumor.com asked people to tell them what are the most embarrassing things in the world, and after almost 2 million votes, the results are in:

25. Trying to start a chant and no one else joins in
24. Accidentally spitting in someone's face while talking
23. Not being invited to a party all of your friends are going to
22. Having someone walk in on you in the bathroom
21. Sweating through your shorts
20. Forgetting the name of a person you've met more than once
19. Having your bathing suit come off in public
18. Having the ass of your pants rip in public
17. At a friend's house, the toilet does something weird that is not your fault, but you are torn between telling them and just letting them find out
16. Mistaking a fat lady for a pregnant lady
15. Saying something bad about someone who overhears
14. Getting pantsed
13. Farting in an empty elevator and then someone coming on a second later
12. Puking in public
11. Realizing at the register that you do not have enough money on your person to pay
10. Having a booger you're not aware of
9. Accidentally touching a naked person in a gym locker room
8. Mistaking someone for the opposite gender
7. Waving to someone who wasn't actually waving at you
6. Attempting to join in a conversation, not being heard, saying what you said again, realizing they totally heard you the first time
5. Showing someone a picture on your phone and they scroll without permission and see a naked picture of you
4. Clogging the toilet at a friend's house
3. Watching a sex scene with your parents
2. Catching someone else masturbating
1. Parents catching you masturbating

What embarrassing moments have you had?

Intern Melinda
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02/12/2013 4:35PM
Embarassing Moment
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02/12/2013 5:30PM
I heard this from a friend of mine who worked out at the Lowry 24-hr fitness where there's this old dude who would stand stark naked in front of the hand dryer and use his hands to fan his nuts dry. For multiple activations of the hand dryer. I can't even fathom what would happen if they only had the Dyson Airblade.
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