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Eating Disorders


Women face a lot of pressure to have the "perfect body", and weight loss and body image are big enough problems on their own that parents and their good intentions can put more pressure on the situation. In fact, parents who focus their attention on weight and size alone often times negatively affect their children causing them to adopt unhealthy eating habits.

Slacker’s daughter will eat a ton at certain meals and he and his wife have said, “wow, you eat like a trucker”, and he’s begun realized that at a certain point that type of comment won’t fly. Slacker has known people with eating disorders and he initially thought that they were self-inflicted, but has now realized that eating disorders are often times blamed on the parent. When it comes to parents confronting eating, Steve thinks the mom should talk to the girl and the dad should talk to the boy.

What the worst thing your parents have said to you? How did it affect you?

I’ve always had issues with personal body image, but my parents were generally nice when confronting my concerns, never negatively criticizing the way I felt about my thighs, stomach, and arms. In fact, there were some members of my family who subtly accused me of not eating enough, but even I know that’s impossible because I love to eat. However, while there are still things I’m dying to change I’ve actually begun to embrace how I look  My only issue with eating is that I love it way too much and still enjoy sweets more than vegetables like a five year old.  

Stay classy!
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07/10/2013 7:16PM
Eating Disorders
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07/11/2013 4:43PM
Just Sayin
I'm seventeen and going to be a senior this year and have had anorexia for 6years. It started because I was a dramatic kid and wanted attention but when my mom told me I looked better than I ever had I felt like I had to keep going. She finally caught on that I wasn't eating right and then decided to make me binge. At 5'1" I've been from 60lbs to 110lbs and because of all the "encouragement" from "friends" at school I got when I was smaller, I still can't eat anything without calorie counting, planning how I'm going to work it all off, and trying to make sure they think I'm pretty. It's BULL. If people understood how those compliments can destroy a life maybe it'd stop. I hope everybody realizes the pressure that is put on people my age to be sickly skinny, because it's NOT okay.
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