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November 15th is National Dump Day…so we’re talking breaking up! Theory is that this day is it or they will have to ride it out for several months through the holidays.

Slacker says you don’t want to dump them too close to Thanksgiving since they have plans to introduce you to their family. Then if they spend a lot on me for Christmas I can’t break up with you for a certain amount of time. You don’t want to be single for New Years day. Then if they do something sweet for Valentine’s Day then you are stuck until March or April. If you don’t get this done by at the latest the 17th you will be stuck.

Steve believes in dump day now. Now he is seeing it everywhere. Steve does the “FADE” or goes “GHOST” so he never gets to do the dirty deed. Steve does not, however, believe that a
woman should ever take a dump anywhere near him!

Did you get dumped in a weird way? Did you dump someone for a stupid reason? What is your ‘Dumped’ story?

I got dumped with a crayon on a piece of loose leaf paper left for me on my kitchen table BLUE I think! It was accompanied by my spare key. He didn’t have the junk to break up with me in person!


(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

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11/13/2013 5:29PM
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11/14/2013 3:15PM
Last min. Dump
So after finding out I was pregnant me and my then boyfriend had decided to move back into my mom's temporarily due to him not having a job and things not going so well with our roommates and the over all living environment. The night before the truck was coming to move all of our large items to a storage unit he broke the news that he wouldn't be moving into my moms place with me, I was shocked we had been planning this more months. Then he went on to tell me that he also no longer wanted to continue our relationship. Months later due to him not having a job he had to move into my moms place, let just say its super odd to have to share a room with a ex boyfriend at your moms place all on top of having his baby.
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