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Dumb Things You Believed As A Kid

As a kid, you don't always understand the way the world works.
 Confession Kid
- I thought my mom was secretly a superhero because I found a whip, mask, and handcuffs in her bedroom..
- I thought people who drove convertibles were too poor to buy a car that had a roof.
- I thought my family was breaking the law when my parents would have a soda in the car.
- I thought the tip was money my dad forgot on the table so I took it every time.
- I thought the laugh tracks on sitcoms were people sitting in their living room laughing at the show. I would sit close to the TV and laugh as loud as possible hoping to hear myself on the show.

Slacker was told by a friend that the red stop signs are optional if they have the white trim around the edge. He grew up in a country town and was learning how to drive, so he would blow through ever stop sign that had a white trim. A cop pulled him over and asked him why he blew through the stop sign and Slacker told him someone said that they are optional with white trim and the cop let him go!

Steve use to think that cops would stand on a tower in the middle of the city and would watch for bad guys to do bad stuff.

What stupid thing did you believe in as a kid?

I used to think the world was black and white. And I believed fairies would come into our garden at night because I’d leave them notes and I would receive notes back! Turns out it was just my mom. Naivety is a beautiful thing.  

Intern Nikki

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04/22/2014 6:52PM
Dumb Things You Believed As A Kid
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