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Drunk or Kid

The best stories always happened to you when you were either drunk or a kid.

In my car driving in the wrong lane and the sheriff pulls up next to me after a mini car chase and the sheriff realizes that he got into a car chase with the same person last month! After having citizens help and get the driver out of the car, I was then put into the back of the cop car…. Which one am I? Drunk or a kid?
The cops show up at my house and I show up at my door, I had to go back inside for something and the cops waited at the door for me. I returned with a toy gun, which happened to be a very realistic gun and the cops drew their weapons and dragged me out of the house and disarmed me… Which one am I? Drunk or a kid?
Slacker was saying at first the driving story was maybe a drunk driver, but after being convinced by Steve he guessed a kid and was right. He guessed that the second story was a kid because there is no way a drunk person would get a toy gun to show the cops, he ended up being wrong because it was a 56 year old man!
Steve said that the first story there is no way it’s a drunk driver, the reason being because of the citizens that helped stop the vehicle, he guessed kid and was right! He was on Slackers side with this story as well, he was saying that no matter how drunk you are you wouldn’t go back into your house to get a toy gun!
What’s your drunk or a kid story?
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08/08/2014 6:20PM
Drunk or Kid
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