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Drunk or Kid

The beginning of another month means it's time for another round of Drunk or Kid! You tell us your ridiculous story and we'll try to guess if it happened to you when you were drunk or a kid!
  1. Dave is on the back porch with a railing to keep people from falling. He wasn’t paying attention to how close he was to the edge, he fell off the deck. His neighbor’s house was built a foot away from his and he got stuck in between him and his neighbor’s house for two hours. Someone tried calling the authorities; they had to tear through the foundation of his neighbor’s house to get him out.
Slacker- Drunk. If he was a kid then they could’ve got him out.
Steve- Kid. He has no reasoning.
Lil’ D was 5 year old. Slacker got a point.
  1. Dave was at a night time gathering and he disappeared. He lived near the woods and everyone tried finding him and they called the cops and search parties. No one could find him. Dave came stumbling out of the woods saying “I’m sorry I had to make a phone call.”
Slacker- Kid. Someone would never call the cops on someone that went missing if they were drunk.
Steve- Kid.
Lil’ D was a 7 year old kid in Georgia.  Neither get a point.
  1. John was on the sidewalk running around dancing like a sea horse, he gets mad because he fell down and his friend laughed. He locked his friend out of the house.
Slacker- Drunk. It is almost too stupid to not pick drunk.
Steve- Kid.
John was wasted. Slacker got a point.
  1. Marsha was camping and decided to go for a walk. They found a water pump that was missing a handle, so she pulled the metal part out of it and the water was pouring everywhere. Her feet got wet and she fell and hurt her mommy parts. She still has scars.
Slacker- Kid.
 Steve- Kid.
 Marsha was drunk as a skunk. Both get a point.
  1. Rob was with his friends and was playing catch in front of his house. The ball hits the double paned window. He goes to get the ball out of the window and he scrapes both of his arms badly and is bleeding everywhere.
Slacker- Drunk. He bled a lot so he was definitely drunk.
 Steve- Kid. Reverse psychology.
 Rob was 12 years old. Steve got a point.
  1. Gretchen was camping in the mountains and there was a festival. She needs to use the restroom and is waiting in line. She was doing the potty dance, she peed her pants.
Slacker- Drunk.
Steve- Kid.
Gretchen was drunk. Slacker got a point.
  1. Ashley was hanging out at the pool and she put her finger stuck in a jet. The fire department got called. It took 5 hours to get her finger out.
Slacker- Kid
 Steve- Drunk.
 Ashley was 7 years old. Slacker won!
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06/05/2014 6:52PM
Drunk or Kid
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