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Drunk or Kid


All of the best stories usually start one of two ways: "One time when I was a kid..." or "I was so drunk I..." Tell us your crazy story and we'll try to guess if you were drunk or a kid when it happened.

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03/06/2014 11:50PM
Drunk or Kid
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03/07/2014 4:29PM
I thought it would be a good idea to pull the fire alarm at a place and the next thing I know there are alarms going off, fire trucks everywhere, the whole shebang. Needless to say, the person that was with me snuck me out amid all the commotion.
03/27/2014 12:48AM
Golf Carting
A friend and I were playing around on the golf cart where the passenger was blindfolded and trying to figure out where they were. My friend was way off, so I decided I'd give it away by going down a rather steep grade. Halfway down the hill I realized the golf cart wasn't stopping, and that we were headed straight for the wooden fence to the horse pasture. We crashed right through (my poor friend, still blindfolded, saw nothing coming). He ended up with a broken nose, and I had 2 black eyes and a bump on my forehead for ages. Also, in the midst of it all we forgot to secure the broken area of the fence; needless to say the horses got out and took a stroll along the highway that night.
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