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Drunk or Kid?

Drunk or Kid?

Sliding down the stairs with “Buddies” headfirst through the wall and didn’t want to go to the hospital.
Slacker says Drunk            Steve says Drunk           Actually a Kid

Downtown running around a fountain with “Buddies” fell into the fountain thrashing couldn’t tell which end was up had to be dragged out by the ankles.
Slacker says Drunk            Steve says Kid                Actually a Kid

Playing with HotWheels with “Buddies” but it was too dark. To light the way they filled little pits with gasoline when they went to light them the 5 gallon gas can ignites and they try to run it to the river to put it out but it caught the bank on fire for 3 miles.
Slacker says Drunk            Steve says Drunk          Actually Really Really Drunk

High jacked construction equipment they ended up bailing off and ran through the city and county building.
Slacker says Kid                 Steve says Kid                Actually a Kid

Parents out with their “Buddies” when they come home her mom caught her peeing on the basement floor.
Slacker says Kid                Steve says Drunk             Actually Drunk

He stayed at a “Buddies” house whose mom was also his second grade teacher in the middle of the night she crawled into bed with her.
Slacker says Kid                Steve says Drunk             Actually Drunk

And the Winner is Steve!!

Little D took some serious lashing for his “BUDDY” prank on the guys but he is still standing upright so that’s good news and hilarious, good job!

What is your drunk or kid story?


11/08/2013 7:54PM
Drunk or Kid?
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