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Drunk Or Kid?


You know the routine…most of our not-so-bright moments come at one of two times: when you’re drunk or a kid! We'll try to guess whether you were one or the other...

Slacker lived in an apartment at the University of Colorado in Boulder and there was a place off the 3rd floor that you could leap off the deck and land in the pool. He figured he could clear it. He didn't realize how far out it was to clear the concrete and land in the pool. He jumped and as he was going down he knew that he would make the pool, but barely! He scraped the whole length of his back. He was wearing a sweatrshirt at the time. A Garfield sweatshirt at that. Now, Slacker can't swim. So, he's sodden from his clothes and freaking out! Everyone thinks he's doing a victory lap, not realizing he's drowning. That whole story could be told as a nine year old...

Tell your story, but leave out the details that give away your age...What's your "Drunk or Kid Story"?

I was having a snowball fight with 2 Border Collies and running around the outside of the house...I fell into the basement well and scraped my shin so bad that my jeans stuck to the scab....DRUNK!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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11/09/2012 6:08PM
Drunk Or Kid?
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