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Does Daycare Turn Children Into Monsters?


Kids who spend time in day care centers or with a nanny are more likely to have behavioral problems including hyperactivity. Researchers studied kids and adults who cared for them during the day-- whether it be a parent, a nanny/baby sitter or a day care center.
They found kids who spent more time in day care centers were more likely to be hyperactive.... while kids receiving more care by nannies or baby sitters were more likely to have peer problems.

Slacker and Steve say that in this day and age it is hard to stay home full time with our children. Most kids are in daycare. Slacker said his kid was great until he started pre-school when he was three. He thinks however he would have still become that same crazy kid no matter what. Combined powers of other children can cause the mischief to come out in our own. Slacker thinks that the daycares are taking the fall for the bad behavior.

Do you feel like this has happened to your kids? Does daycare in fact turn children into monsters?

Not all kids have these issues that are in daycare. I think it is a bold statement to say that. My daughter was babysat by my grandparents until she was 3 then day care after that and she is cautious and bright. My other daughter was in day care after I went back to work when she was 7 months old she is a social light and has no problems in school at all. Neither one of them are hyperactive. I think people are always looking for someone or something to point the finger at.


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10/17/2013 7:22PM
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