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Divine Intervention


A Seattle woman was deep in prayer when her house was being burglarized.  At first she thought it was her husband playing a trick on her, but when she realized it was an intruder she screamed for God to save her ultimately sending the thief tumbling into the fridge.  He hit his head on the fridge and bolted for his car with only $20 stolen dollars.

Although Steve is skeptical when it comes to Divine Intervention, Slacker remembers a time when he found a bag of DOTS that saved his teeth due to their color that changed as he ate them.  Had he eaten a red one he would have had to endure a painful visit to the dentist… lucky for him the big man upstairs intervened and saved his tooth.

When has God helped you with His Divine Intervention?

I can’t recall any personal stories of Divine Intervention (although I firmly believe in God), but my sister was personally (and tangibly) touched by God… She was going through a tough time a few years back, and one night while riding LightRail she kept saying to herself that she’s all alone and will remain alone; however, when she got off of the train a flyer (for a Bible study group) had fallen at her feet that read “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” (no joke!!).

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03/06/2013 4:49PM
Divine Intervention
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