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Delivery Room Drama

A celebrity gossip site is reporting Jason Sudeikis passed out in the delivery room while his wife, Olivia Wilde, was giving birth to their child! Two nurses had to revive him with smelling salts!

Slacker says they don’t care whether or not they pronounce celebrities names right. He says it makes no sense that a woman can banish a dad out of the delivery room because they have made half of the baby themselves. His wife had morning sickness really bad and the nurses were trying to get an IV in her. But her veins were collapsed and they kept poking her and there was blood. Slacker ended up fainting because he was woozy over the needles they kept poking her with. The nurses abandoned their post and cares for Slacker while he was faint from blood while his poor pregnant wife was just sitting there.

Steve says it is okay for woman to ban the fathers of the babies during the birth, same with everyone else. He jokes around about the distance a father must be outside of the delivery room.  He thinks it’s 15 feet, when it’s like 10 feet. 15 feet is the amount of feet a person has to be from a door when smoking.
What delivery room drama have you experienced? 

Intern Nikki 

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05/06/2014 5:20PM
Delivery Room Drama
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